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Client "A" - Resource Shortage

NEED: A fifteen person design firm wanted to take on a new customer but didn't have the internal resources available to commit to the project.  They were at risk of having to pass up the new project.
ACTION:  Kolb Consultants supplemented their design and engineering resources until internal personnel were available to pick up the project
IMPACT:  The client gained a new customer and grew their business without hiring permanent staff.

What We've Done

The principals at Kolb Consultants each have over 20 years of medical device development and commercialization experience. They've worked with companies of all sizes, from single employee startups to Fortune 500 companies, and know that each client brings a unique set of requirements.  We work closely with our clients to appropriately define a scope of work that maximizes their return on investment.  With our broad technical skill sets and clinical experiences we're able to support a wide range of project types
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Client "C" - A Little Guidance

NEED:  A large pharmaceutical company wanted to develop a medical device but wasn't sure how the process differed from drug development.
ACTION:  Kolb Consultants worked closely with the client's internal team to create development plans, testing protocols and a quality system appropriate for the proposed device.
IMPACT:  The client entered a new market quickly and without making expensive (time and money) "first-timer" errors along the  way.

Client "B" - The Inventor

NEED:  A surgeon inventor had spent several years making prototypes, filing patent applications and presenting his idea to industry, but he didn't seem to be getting any closer to making the product a clinical reality  And all this effort was getting expensive.

ACTION:  Kolb Consultants worked with the physician to develop a business plan, refine the product design, make prototypes and obtain a grant to support additional development work.

IMPACT:  The surgeon's "idea" is now a viable business opportunity.

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